Swapping Work for Travel is the Ultimate Win-Win!

As a Swapper you get an authentic travel
experience, living with locals

As a local business or family you get skilled workers
helping you for free


If you’re a Swap-Host, then in return for providing food and accommodation, you get stuff done in your business or home for free. For example, your swapper can:

  • Train your staff in English language and customer service skills
  • Improve your website or promote your business through social media
  • Serve your English-speaking customers
  • Help with building things or painting murals
  • Do your gardening, landscaping or maintenance, etc
  • Help with your marketing to attract more customers
  • Help around the house, eg cooking, cleaning, shopping, babysitting, etc

What is a host

A Host or Swaphost is any person, business, family, or project that is able to offer some kind of food and accommodation.  In exchange for sharing these basic necessities, they receive help from a skilled worker, for free.

Swaphosts can provide accommodation, whether this is a guesthouse, a room in your home, or a tent on your front lawn

You can share your home cooked meals, provide food from your restaurant or give ingredients and use of a kitchen for someone who is willing to help you.

As a Swaphost you will have the opportunity to make progress in areas of your project that were previously unavailable to you by enlisting the help of someone with the skills you require.

You get to share your culture and see your local area through new eyes when sharing it with a Swapper.

You’ll also have the chance to form real friendships with people from all over the world and learn about different ways of life.

If you’re a Swapper, then in return for sharing the skills your already have for around 4-5 hours a day in an exotic destination somewhere in the world, you get:

  • Food and accommodation, living with a local family or business
  • A much more authentic travel experience, since you’re part of the local life
  • Lots of spare time to explore your new location and be part of the culture
  • The satisfaction of contributing and making a difference to a community that needs your help
  • Memories and friendship that you simply can't get as a regular tourist
  • The chance to travel indefinitely if that’s what you want

What is a swapper

A Swapper is someone who can offer skills of any kind to a family or business.  In exchange for their skills, they usually receive food and accommodation, so effectively live for free.

Whether you can speak a language well, have plumbing experience, or know how to build a website, chances are someone in the world needs your skill.

Swappers are an emerging new breed of traveller who want meaningful memories of their travels and to make a difference in the world by sharing their time and skills in exchange for authentic travel experiences and living virtually for free. 

Living with locals, you have access to genuine experiences that regular tourists don’t.

You'll get all the ‘inside information’ about the local area you're staying in and get to spend quality time with local people.

You usually get free food and accommodation in return for sharing your skills, and it’s normal to give around 5 hours per day, 5 days per week of your time for this.