Special Limited – Time Launch Offer

Save 80% off your annual membership and get access to our Premium Hosts, including 5-Star Hotels, Exclusive Restaurants and Dive Resorts.

Save thousands on your travel costs while living in luxury!

Are you excited now to start planning your journey?

If you love the idea of travelling to amazing places, having authentic experiences living with locals, making a difference, and doing all of that with virtually ZERO living costs, then we’re excited to help you!

All you need is a bit of time and a few skills you can offer to a family or business.  In exchange, you’ll get food and accommodation, and a far more real experience than if you were just travelling as a tourist.

Whether you can speak a language well, have plumbing experience, or know how to build a website, chances are someone in the world needs you.

When you become a Swapper, you’ll join the emerging new breed of travellers who want meaningful memories of their travels.

You’ll be able to travel to amazing destinations and get free food and accommodation. You’ll feel great helping local businesses, communities and organizations learn and grow simply by sharing your skills and expertise.

You’ll be able to make a difference in the world by sharing your time and skills in exchange for authentic travel experiences and living virtually for free. 

Living with locals, you’ll have access to genuine experiences that regular tourists don’t.

You’ll get all the ‘inside information’ about the local area you’re staying in and get to spend quality time with local people.

It’s normal to give around 5 hours per day, 5 days per week of your time for this. Skills that might be taken for granted where you live are often in real need in other places in the world. Speaking English, customer service or playing a sport and sharing your knowledge of these things can make a genuine impact in someone’s life. And you get to have amazing travel experiences that will create memories for life.

People are waiting to share their culture with you, if you’re willing to share your skills with them. It’s a genuine exchange.

You’ll make lifelong friends, make a real difference and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s how to join

We have two levels of membership:
  • Platinum membership, which gives you access to all of our hosts, including the premium ones like 5-Star Hotels, Exclusive Restaurants and Dive Resorts (places people usually pay thousands for!)
  • Gold membership, which gives you access to our standard hosts. This includes regular hotels and restaurants, child care centers, and other small businesses.

BUT – join before 31 July 2016 and you get full Platinum Membership (usually $997) for the price of Gold.

Yep, you pay just $197 for the year, to get access to our Premium Hosts.

That’s an 80% discount, but only during our launch.

Just imagine, just days or weeks from now you could be staying at a Wellness Spa and Hotel with world class cuisine in Indonesia, or at a dive resort with a private beach and it’s own fish sanctuary on an island in The Philippines, or with one of our many other amazing hosts.

A week at either of these would usually cost you around $2,500.00, but you get to stay for FREE, in return for just a few hours a day of work. Plus, you get to hang out with the owner or other staff in the business – locals who can help make your stay really memorable!

Once you’ve joined up you’ll be able to contact any of the wonderful Hosts you see here You’ll be able to chat to them about what they need, what the place is like that you’ll be staying, and any other questions you may have.

Just click on the “Join Now” button on this page to get started on your Swapping adventure!

Description Terms Amount
Limited Time Offer – Platinum Membership for the price of Gold $197.00 USD for each year $197.00 USD


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